For TecnoGen it is not enough to keep up with the evolution of the market, but chooses to be leader anticipating its developments and influencing its trends.

The company is always looking for new solutions and it has therefore decided to expand its commercial offer, developing new types of hybrid gensets.

Many of its partners have already chosen to equip themselves with this technology and some telecommunications companies are already using the TecnoGen hybrid machines.

The hybrid solution foresees that the generator, in addition to supplying the load, also supplies energy to a pack of lithium batteries. These are more effective than normal lead batteries: characterized by greater reliability, they require a shorter charging period and are able to operate at higher temperatures than normal batteries.

When the lithium batteries are charged, the generator set goes off.

From that moment, it will be the batteries supplying the required energy. When they will be exhausted, the generating set will return to operation supplying the load and recharging the batteries.

It is also possible to add an additional source of energy, so as to be able to exploit also the contribution made by solar panels or wind generators.

This system drastically reduces fuel consumption, producing the double effect of reducing both procurement costs and polluting emissions. Therefore, a hybrid generator is a sustainable choice not only economically but also environmentally.

It must be underlined how the reduced use of the generator will also lead to less wear of its components, with the consequent extension of the life of the generator and a reduction of the maintenance costs.

Especially telecommunications companies can make further savings: they need to send their staff over long distances to maintain their installations and reducing these interventions will decrease also this type of costs.

TecnoGen invites you to ask for more information on its Hybrid range.